celebrity groupchat

celebrity groupchat

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celebrity groupchat:
ariana grande, kendall jenner, kylie jenner, gigi hadid, zayn malik, justin bieber, hailey baldwin & more...

❝why did i cross oceans for you? why did i move mountains for someone who doesn't even acknowledge me the way i deserve.❞

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Yagirls_24 Yagirls_24 Jul 31, 2016
Hi this is a collab account.💕 
                              Can we please have a group chat with Jack and Jack in it with 2 girls named Jade and Hayley?
                              I dont know if you can have 2 people but that would be awesome X
smallestbird smallestbird Aug 05, 2016
can I have a chat with Shawn in it, about me being reckless and him liking the new me. my name is alex.
itsdylanobrien itsdylanobrien Aug 07, 2016
can you do a sad johnson group chat, idk what exactly just a sad one for example him cheating
honestmendes honestmendes Jun 29, 2016
this is gonna be soooo good I'm exited !! you're such an amazing writer btw ❤❤
bcdaddies bcdaddies Jul 06, 2016
can i have a sad but romantic but also kind of adorable one w nate? Ily v much if you do haha.
blueroyalty6 blueroyalty6 Jul 20, 2016
can I have a cute Jack and Jack group chat and I'm dating Jack Johnson plz?  My name is Kaitlyn