Just Some Love Stories

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Laura By XxIcyxX Completed
Just some short (love) stories I wrote in my spare time.
    For Aveline, it might have been the spring air.  For Erica, it might have been the memories that flood over her.  For Cedric, it might have been the arms of death.
    But for all of them, it was the slight prospect that true love does exist.
this is soooo good, please make it longer??? 
                                    ur writing is so detailed and just totally wonderful
I loved your descriptions and details, especially in the first paragraph; you really set the scene well, and it was so easy to picture the park and the birds chirping. The dialogue was great too, and I loved Hunter's humour. ;) Voted ;D
I really think it shouldn't be a short story!! It's so cute, and needs more in it!  The first few paragraphs made me want to read more.  I love this!!
I just read this first page, and I already like it(: I'm adding it to my library on my wattpad app on my phone(:
THat was really good:) i like you didnt have them fall imideatly in love but still kinda fast keep up the good work:D
I love your descriptions and metaphors. It really is funny the way fate can be... :)