Vanished: A Teamcrafted Story: Book 1 in the Guardians Trilogy

Vanished: A Teamcrafted Story: Book 1 in the Guardians Trilogy

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We are all driven to survive. To live. To protect. To fall in love or end up alone. But most only know survive and protect. Four Guardians. Four Guardians created by Notch himself to protect Minecraftia from the forces of evil that threaten Minecraftia. They were heavily worshipped but are barely ever seen by any Minecraftian. After all these guardians fought in wars but were barely mentioned in the history books. But some people have seen them. One with black wings and wicked sharp claws. Another with a black curse of death spread on the body and soulless eyes. Another with purple magic and is super fast. Lastly two white glowing eyes hidden in shadows and often covered in the blood of the guardian's victims. 

With this they were given their titles. The Ender Guardian, The Wither Guardian, The Sorcerer Guardian, and The Brine Guardian. They are described as evil deities but the Minecraftians named them as their Guardians since they never hurt them. Fighting to protect. Never receiving a "thank you". But then one day...they vanished. Minecraftia fell in trouble and the Minecraftians prayed for the Guardians to help but no help ever came. Notch having no idea where the Guardians went watched his beloved world fall in the hands of evil and ruin. 

But what if these Guardians never existed? They are only spotted on the battlefield. Some Minecraftians don't believe they exist. Centuries later they started to faint into legend. Still knowing the Guardians exist Asada goes into hiding. She lives her own life cut off from the world. 

Join Mitch, Asada, Farla, Kris, Ashley, Ian, Quentin, Jerome, Kyra, and Ellie as they try to fix the Guardians so they can save Minecraftia. But it proves not to be as easy as they originally thought.

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Lunawolf41 Lunawolf41 Apr 09, 2016
Ender Guardian-I know who that is
                              Wither Guardian-Also know what that is
                              Brine Guardian-Still know XD
                              Sorcerer Guardian-PRETTY OBVIOUS XD
                              this story's really good!