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Age---Gap (BoyxBoy)

Age---Gap (BoyxBoy)

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Joy8ells By Joy8ells Updated Apr 23


"He's an adult! He's finished school! He's got a job, a house, a life! You're just a child! You're not finished school! You don't have any support structure! And he could throw you out at any time without a care!" My mother yelled at me as she paced around the kitchen. She kept going on and on about how 'the age gap' was too big and that I'm just a child. I sat at the dining table, staring down at my hands as she repeated the same things over and over, like a broken record.

"Your mother's just worried about you. What if he finds someone else and leaves you with nowhere to go? What if he hurts you or pushes you into things that you shouldn't be doing?" my dad added, trying to defend my mother's anger.

"You haven't met him yet, he's not that kind of person. I think if you just met him, even for a second you'd see. He wouldn't do that to me, to anyone. He-" I tried to defend him without raising my voice or being rude but my mother cut me off.

"Honey, you're too naive. You wouldn't be able to tell if someone had bad intentions if they offered you candy down a dark alleyway. Oh God, you haven't done that have you!? Don't take candy from strangers! Promise me!" my mother suddenly panicked, rushing over to me and pulling parts of my face and body to check I wasn't.. poisoned? I don't know what she was doing but she was treating me like a baby.

"No, I haven't. I promise I won't. So will you please give him a chance? One chance. Just meet him. You'll see that he's amazing, please" I begged, looking deep into her eyes. She opened her mouth to protest but shut it soon after. She looked over to my father before staring back at me. Defeated, she nodded her head...

BoyxBoy/boyslove (gay romance)
Smut (probably)
Age gap (about 5 years)

If any of the above mentioned make you feel uncomfortable or you disagree with, the back button is so close.. I don't even want to know how you got here..

I'm dead af 😂 Don't tell your brother your a bottom 😂😂😂😂
HowlingWolf019 HowlingWolf019 Feb 29, 2016
I will sing this in front of my parents if I have a boyfriend, when they start saying but his big and all and your small and sh!t, I would chase them singing/saying this
SuicidalTeenagers--- SuicidalTeenagers--- Jul 18, 2016
my boy right there 💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟