Dirty Imagines/Smut/One Shot

Dirty Imagines/Smut/One Shot

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n By norcula Updated Oct 25

"Let's talk about sex baby, 

Let's talk about you and me."

This is HIGHLY EXPLICIT. It's also based on songs. Please read at your own risk. Also, if you want to request something, a scenario or character or song, my DM/PM box is open. 

Enjoy, you dirty minded freaks ;) ;) 

Written so far: 

Most recent: darkest fantasies (RAFINHA ALCANTARA)

1) If you want me, I'm yours tonight (NIALL HORAN) 

2) down 4 u (CARA DELEVINGNE)

3) treat your girl right (CARA DELEVINGNE)


5) Savage (NEYMAR JR.)

6) Never Enough (NEYMAR JR.) 

7) Bodies Together (RAFINHA ALCANTARA)

8) Push me up against a wall (RAFINHA ALCANTARA)

9) Under you (SEBASTIAN STAN) 

10) Don't you stop (SEBASTIAN STAN)

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