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*Kweenation* By LBKeen Completed

Being special doesn't always mean an easy life...

Twenty-one-year-old Olive Trenton doesn't have much happening in her life aside from a temperamental friend who spends her free time antagonizing werewolf's, and another friend who when distracted may cause the second world flood. 

Given the job of managing these two trouble makers, she spends her time preventing near disasters and completing her homework.  Despite the pressures of making sure her races identity remains a secrete on a campus filled with paranormal beings, she's managing just find, until a cold eyed lycan by the name of Lucian Siriano enters her life claiming she is his mate.
She may be more special then she knows...
The minute Lucian Siriano lays his eyes on Olive, he knows she's the one for him. She is the key to giving him the power to compete against others for the title of Alpha in his pack. The only problem is, she insists she isn't the one and that they could never be. Lucian will not allow her to run from him, and has no choice but to show her that there is no other that could bring the same cold hit.
 In the eyes of the domineering and terrifying a Lucian Siriano, Olive will find her life thrown on its head, as she is dragged into a world she wasn't groomed for and forced to experience the coldest passion at the hands of the Lycan Heir.
  Will she break or will she fight the cold?

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Bitch_The_Door_ Bitch_The_Door_ May 25, 2017
My first instinct would be to wipe it off my lip not taste it 😷 like who does that 😂
Choco_pandaloveskpop Choco_pandaloveskpop Aug 19, 2017
This book is already having my attention and I love it so much already ❤
SarcasticandCrazy79 SarcasticandCrazy79 Jul 12, 2017
I am aware wolf girl all around but I have to admit Lycans always have that extra testosterone
GGCerise GGCerise Apr 20, 2016
Don't know if you noticed or if anyone has mentioned it....but in all your stories I have read so far (which by the way really phenomenal) you write patients (like hospital patients) instead of patience.
A_Girl_Called_T A_Girl_Called_T Dec 24, 2016
I get it! I get it! I read the last chapter and decided to reread the story again. This is the moment right?
Kittycat1214 Kittycat1214 Oct 07, 2016
What are Capricorns we are obviously not talking about my sign.