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L.B.Keen By LBKeen Completed

Olive Trention doesn't have much to worry about, aside from  her junior year of college. Her main goal is to keep  a  low profile  while being the steady rock to her friends. It's her duty to  make sure they don't reveal their identity to the humans, much less to the vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings that go to school on campus. 
  This being said, when Olive finds a certain Lycan has taken an interest in her every alarm starts going off.  Her kind more of the peaceful type, don't at all mix well with the violent and dominant Lycans. 
  Things take a turn for the worse when  Lucien Siriano claims she's his luna. 
  Which both terrifies, and confuses her when she knows for a fact its impossible. 
  In the eyes of the domineering and terrifying Lucien Olive will find her life thrown on its head, as she is dragged into a world she wasn't groomed for and forced to experience the coldest passion at the hands of the Lycan Heir. 
  Will she break or will she fight the cold?
  LBKEEN Original, don't even think to copy!

Mathy180_C Mathy180_C Aug 07, 2016
I absolutely love your take on mythical creatures! It's so refreshing to see new creatures. Thank you so much for this. You truly have s gift.
artamisscaine artamisscaine Apr 20, 2016
Don't know if you noticed or if anyone has mentioned it....but in all your stories I have read so far (which by the way really phenomenal) you write patients (like hospital patients) instead of patience.
A_Girl_Called_T A_Girl_Called_T Dec 24, 2016
I get it! I get it! I read the last chapter and decided to reread the story again. This is the moment right?
Kittycat1214 Kittycat1214 Oct 07, 2016
What are Capricorns we are obviously not talking about my sign.
Take_It_Back_Alice Take_It_Back_Alice Sep 18, 2016
:3: I read over everything already, and I still didn't know I could love this story so much~♡
sammykkkk sammykkkk Nov 22, 2015
I like how different this book is (different in a good way). Your truly an amazing author and I can't wait to read more.