Scorose: My Thorn and My Scorpion (DISCONTINUED)

Scorose: My Thorn and My Scorpion (DISCONTINUED)

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🌹 By RosezzRose Updated Oct 19, 2017

I'm horrid at these but oh goes...

We find Rose and Scorpius in their 5th year at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry school, along with their two other best friend Albus and Alice. Rose and Scorpius have a very special love and hate relationship, one moment they are close and friendly the next they are screaming at the top of their lungs at each other. Being in different houses and both so competitive in quidditch and school work doesn't help their huge arguments. Though as they enter their 5th year, will things change between them? Or will things changed all together, since the wizarding world is becoming dark once again...

My first book and I am not an amazing author like JK Rowling so nearly all of the things in this book obviously belong to her. I am also not an amazing speller (is that a word?!) so bare with me!! 

- Rose x

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TgClarky TgClarky Apr 01, 2017
All of Hermione and Ron's know d have the last name Granger-Weasley
dtjfgcgmm dtjfgcgmm Jul 07, 2017
Don't insult my house I am the best captain and beater ravenclaw could ever hqve
1-800-SPACEGAYS 1-800-SPACEGAYS Feb 22, 2017
*the sexual tension rises* Crunch.  Me: Oh sorry! That's the sound of my popcorn.
sophisfab sophisfab Feb 19, 2017
The hat doesn't say it outloud, it says it in their minds. And if you were implying that, then which perspective are you writing from? It appears as if it is Rose's perspective at the beginning.
demigodr4ever demigodr4ever Mar 08, 2017
I thought u'll put Albus in Gyfinndor but well, he could be roommates with Scropius