Undertale  Sans  X Papyrus  Lemon

Undertale Sans X Papyrus Lemon

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crazyroleplaygirl By crazyroleplaygirl Updated Apr 12, 2016

Ok this is guy on guy AND  a lemon  this is the first time I wrote one so just hang with me guys

fancydad fancydad Feb 14, 2016
I just needed to read this to figure out how skeleton smut works
CatStar512 CatStar512 May 28, 2016
Papy is going to have a BED time! *pls kill meh, this happens to me every day*
Kali-Katt Kali-Katt Feb 05, 2016
                              Sans I have nothing to say
                              Carry on!
                              *struts out of the room fashionably *
TheDaylightAshesFoxx TheDaylightAshesFoxx Mar 26, 2016
Ohhhhhhh Puzzle *winks at my friend who this this ship and lemons are weird*
FireroseRin19 FireroseRin19 Dec 09, 2015
Wide eyes, small smile, I, think that I'll keep going and stay here a while... 
                              *sing to tune of Blue Lips by Regina Spektor*
Thunderpaw0110 Thunderpaw0110 Dec 07, 2015
My heart beat it's to strong hugs writer your story is grate so far