Meliodas x Reader

Meliodas x Reader

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【  d a n i  】 By beautifullyinsane__ Updated 5 hours ago

One peaceful day in your hometown of Cain Town, you idly accomplish chores at your humble home as your merchant parents sell items at a different village. 

Suddenly, in the midst of tranquil silence, a booming, yet strident disruption shakes the atmosphere and interrupts the harmless village.

You run outside to check out the damage, frightened of what might have made that sound. The shock in you elevates as a narrow, deep ditch stretches out in the middle of town.

With full curiousity, you run to the end of it. 

Little did you know, from that point forward, your life was going to change with your new friends...and possibly, meeting the love of your life.

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(Cover Creds to @-mooony tysm!!!)

YumiofFairyTail YumiofFairyTail Jun 05, 2016
What do you mean 'nah'
                              EVERYONE LOVES PASTA
                              *Meliodis scream*
_JessicaFrost_ _JessicaFrost_ Oct 11, 2016
Funny thing is I come here for the heck of it, I dun like meli at all XDDDDDDD
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I love California Rolls, but I think it's bland against other rolls
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Everyone is thinking of Papyrus and I'm over here thinking of Italy.-.
x_xAlienx_x x_xAlienx_x Jan 16
Sure. Run out when everyone is running in. Great plan *slowly claps*