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Once again... WWE has been invaded by TNA. 

They have dominated almost everybody... Except Suicide Bliss, The Shield...... and The Authority. 

They targeted Suicide more because she was a former TNA Knockout that left to go back to her music and WWE careers. 

Suicide refused to turn on the WWE and rejoin TNA again. 

Suicide wasn't prepared for the hurt that came with her decision. She has been beaten, attacked, injured, etc. by the hands of TNA. 

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins did their best to try and protect her but couldn't. 

TNA called a WWE and TNA meeting, without Suicide. 

TNA offered to stop the attacks on Suicide if she broke up with Dean and left WWE and re-joined TNA. 

WWE refused. Big mistake. 

TNA attacked Suicide Bliss so bad that Jeff Hardy slammed Suicide into the steal steps with a steal chair to her throat. Cutting the oxygen off of her. 

She laid in a hospital for a week. 

After that, WWE called a meeting with TNA. TNA then said either WWE attacks her and Dean dumps her or TNA ends her career. For good this time. 

Dean, Seth, Roman, Paige and Naomi took it the hardest because they're the closest to Suicide. 

3 weeks later... 

The entire WWE roster attacked Suicide. Dean kissed her before planting her with Dirty Deeds. 

Suicide Bliss was wheeled out of her hometown. For the last time. That's how she went out of the WWE. 

But... She'll be back. 

And when she gets back... 

There's gonna be a whole lot of hell to pay. For everyone.

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TheRealTonyPerry TheRealTonyPerry Jun 16, 2016
So she's not only Andy Biersacks sister she his twin sister?