Aphmau's Secrets

Aphmau's Secrets

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Her name was Aphmau. She was not the one you call pure. She wasn't a vulnerable girl, she was strong, and a badass. She was not raised by her parents, she had to raise herself in this brutal world. Her parents died from Butchers when she was five years old. No one would bother to help her, all she could do is just stay at her home village 'The Harken Village'. She learned how to use weapons. As once her mother told,"One day you will rule this village." and to leave it at that she also left at the age 18. But, Aphmau has a secret she kept for a very long time. 

What happens if she goes to Phoenix Drop?
What if she meets Garroth and Laurence?
Will romance happen when she meets her old best friend?
What events will happen if they find out her secret?
Wait, was she lying her whole life
Or even herself?

I do not own these characters.
Please don't copy my idea's/work. I really work hard for them.

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