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Harry Styles is a 25 year old fashion model. Olivia Wilson is a 24 year old publishing editor. Her life is going just the way she planned until she meets Harry Styles. Everything changes in a blink of an eye. What will happen when Olivia's career is threatened? What will Harry do when he can't help but idolize the light in her eyes? Will Olivia push Harry away or fall for him just as fast as all the other woman are?

Warning: Language, Sexual Content

***Edit: This story is cute and cheesy, if that's what you like then you'll like this story. There's not as much drama as I make it seem in the description. I was being a little extra.

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The characters and events taken place in the book are fictitious. Any similarities to another story is purely coincidental and is not intended by the author. Pictures used belong to the rightful owner. 

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romanticismskiss romanticismskiss Feb 18, 2017
Ahh I see what you did there in the summery. "I idolize the light in your eye's olivia." *raises eye brows up and down*