My not so Innocent Love [BoyxBoy]

My not so Innocent Love [BoyxBoy]

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J.S. Belard By JSBelard Completed

After seeing a picture of his lover kissing someone else, Laverne Spence traveled to make sure that his lover remains faithful to him.. On the other hand, Keith was tired of being an amnesiac ghost and wanted to pass on peacefully. And when this two unlikely souls met, they agreed on helping each other get what they want. But as they grew closer, things started changing. Soon Laverne and Keith would find themselves falling in love with each other. But an event that would shake their lives was bound to happen. An event that would change Laverne's life and Keith's fate.

With the help of the mysterious pendant that Keith owns, miracles will happen that would make the two of them grow closer. But those miracles are not enough to bring them finally together. When fate itself is against them being together, only one thing could change everything; the "Greatest Miracle of All".

Love is not always sweet. And to get to it you have to walk a thorny and painful path. But after all the hardships, the greatest and most sublime thing awaits at the end. And only through the journey would you realize what true love is.

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- - May 16
the way he looked around before kissing... & even cheated in the first place... he's just a dick... dickhead dickbrain who doesn't deserve Laverne.
                              imagine if Laverne isn't beautiful to begin with, he would've been brushed off, rejected or forgotten long ago.
- - May 16
being a competitive & sharp woman but for the wrong reason; to be an enemy of another for a flimsy-hearted man's  affection.
                              it's a waste.
ShatteredSilhouette ShatteredSilhouette Mar 06, 2015
This is great! The plot is so unique and the story is very well written.
xxxHealerxxx xxxHealerxxx Nov 22, 2014
your stories are so good. they are different from each other.. plot wise.. and in a good way :)
JSBelard JSBelard May 12, 2014
@panda_lover_1996 Elusive Love have two couples, boyxboy and boyxgirl, the 4 character's strories intertwines with one another.
panda_lover____ panda_lover____ May 12, 2014
I don't understand how this doesn't have as much views as I expected... You're a much better writer than I am... This book deserves more attention!