The Astray~ The Lost Boys

The Astray~ The Lost Boys

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The Lost Boys: David Romance
The Astray
"Scarlet Storm Rose-Thorn, what on earth are you doing?" 
I stopped loading my motorcycle with gas and looked back at Lucy, who had Micheal and Sam behind her-who were laughing their asses off-.
"Lucy, I'm just gonna go to Santa Carla early."
"Two weeks early? By yourself? Scarlet I don't-"
"Lucy I used to live there, I'll be fine!"

But the last time I was home, the Lost Boys weren't there. 

"Hey there girly, wanna have some fun?"
"Fuck off."
The surfer grabbed my arm and twisted me around to face him, but before he could do anything to me a tanned hand grabbed him by his shoulder.
A deep voice then spoke, " I think she told you to fuck off, surfer."
I looked up to the new speaker, and saw very familiar dark brown eyes. 

With old friends and new what will happen to dear Scarlet, in Santa Carla.

The murder capital of the world.

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SamMayDay89 SamMayDay89 Oct 21, 2016
I don't get the thing about her being native and not needing a razor ? Lol I'm half mohawlk a quarter French Indian, and a quarter French Canadian lol am I missing some special trait I need to shave my legs all the time ahaha