Friends to Lovers... Impossible!

Friends to Lovers... Impossible!

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I really don't know what's gotten into me? Surely there isn't a disease that makes you miss a person so much it hurts. Or a disease that causes you to think of that person constantly.  Is there such of thing where you're sad  when your best friend's not next to you and extremely happy when they are right by your side?

Although,  I have heard that LOVE can make a person feel this way, but certainly it's impossible for me to fall in love with my best friend Kou...right?

Kevin is going through a huge dilemma. Kevin and Kou have been best friends for 11 years. But it wasn't until senior year of High School did Kevin notice a change in Kou. All a sudden, everything she did was adorable and she seemed to become prettier and more desirable each day. 
However, thinking nothing of it he brushed it off. 

That is until a new student shows up and shows an interest in his best friend.

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BonnieJuly28 BonnieJuly28 Jan 30, 2016
That happens to my friend vecause shes the only girl and her parents call me over when her brothers bring other guys over and i keep her company because they tend to stare alot
BonnieJuly28 BonnieJuly28 Jan 30, 2016
Or if she was there on ther table and you could taste her instead of the food to see which is tastier
I’ve been reading so many werewolf books that this reminds me of when an alpha speaks to his pack 🤣 smh