Trust Someone You Love

Trust Someone You Love

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Kendall has extreme trust issues which influences her to hurt the one who loves her most, her boyfriend Michael. Together their like a natural disaster two people who aren't right for each other but the perfect match. With love like a inferno can they beat the odds of separation and heartbreak. (Read on and follow Kendall's confusing life, and Michael's struggle)      

"Just kidding, but I bet you'd be even prettier if you showed some teeth."  So I smiled for my crush, looking him in the eyes hoping it didn't look awkward.     He stared at me. "Yeah... you're gorgeous." He said it so softly.     

 My cheeks were glowing, I looked down     

"Did I even tell you how beautiful you look, not just today but all the time, did I tell you how I get nervous whenever I look at you, did I mention how Bad I want to kiss you. Don't say anything, I'm just going to go for it." Michael gushes.    

 I was stunned I couldn't say anything even if I pushed. He tilted his head and invaded me with his lips and tongue, the kiss was laced with chemistry smushed noses excitement, lust and something else I didn't quite understand, I knew it would be a kiss I'd never forget.

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hey I don't mean to advertise but I really need some more votes on my chapter five...if there's any chance anyone could help me get to 20 votes or more I'd be very grateful <3 happy reading !!
swtlovekiss swtlovekiss Feb 16, 2013
This was a good start. Just watch out for some mistakes you have here. I feel more bad for the boy then I did her, she seemed a tad selfish. Nice job!
Erose115 Erose115 Jan 22, 2013
wow this was really awesome!  i loved the beginning! congrattss
XeniaBolton XeniaBolton Oct 11, 2012
ohhh this is brilliant so far! I thought that this was well thought out and I enjoyed it! 
                              I will read the next chapter now :D
Soniador Soniador Sep 19, 2012
Honey bun? Haven't read that endearment in a while! :D Otherwise good. I found it different that you used so little dialogue and instead spoke about the dialogue.
dreamy_ dreamy_ Aug 10, 2012
Sad.... I would suggest going over your work and editing it, need to remember capitals!