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Procrastinators on the Internet (Dan Howell/danisnotonfire fanfic 1)*unedited*

Procrastinators on the Internet (Dan Howell/danisnotonfire fanfic 1)*unedited*

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EmmaChameleon By EmmaChameleon Completed

(Book 1 of the Procrastinators Series, set in September 2013)
  Mia Roberts has been on YouTube for years, and over the past two years in particular, she's been vlogging(video blogging) about her life under the name of RandomQuartz. With RandomQuartz as an alias, Mia has managed to keep her internet identity a secret from her close circle of friends, but not to date.
  One September morning, when Mia is set to meet a friend of a friend at her local park, her whole perspective of and her position within the YouTube community is changed, just by conversing with that one person. As a new found friend, he's willing to introduce Mia to aspects of YouTube life she didn't know were possible. If he can change so much for her with his connections, could he potentially guide her by the hand to meet her favourite YouTubers, AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire? What would happen then? Would she faint? Fangirl? Or maybe, fall in love?
  (NB: I do not own any songs, quotes, shops, fandoms, brands or any of the YouTubers' rights mentioned in my story) ALL RIGHTS OTHERWISE RESERVED, Copyright © EmmaChameleon
  Fluffy fic. Contains swearing, some dark thoughts, and talk of depression. *Watty Awards 2013 Finalist*

The feels are coming from reading this the second time. Ah gawd. Im gonna cry!
second time reading this and I have hamilton plaing in the back ground im at what did i miss
phamiltrash phamiltrash Dec 19, 2016
Rereading for the 3rd time because these books are literally amazing ❤️ 💕
I have 17 and (I'm sorry) #spon go check it out ToodleMoodle
this book is the entire reason i eat malteasers with tea and i can almost never drink tea without them which sucks because in America its so expensive for a small bag of malteasers
not going to lie i want to say this is the 5th or 6th time ive read this...