I Will Not Bow To You

I Will Not Bow To You

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betterinmotion By ellendesay Updated Jul 29, 2016

"She'll be the packs downfall!"

"We created the problem ourselves"

"I didn't! Why should I lose my pack for you and her?!"

"Because I'm the only thing that's keeping you alive"

Hannah Malone is an orphan. That's her biggest label. 
She's a pack warrior, an excellent tracker, working her way through college to get to university and study languages. 
She's kind, loyal, funny and will kill without qualms. An almost perfect solider, if not for the burning desire for revenge that raged through her blood. 

Tom Murray is a twin. His label is as the weak one, ten minutes too late but eight years too early. 
He's the future beta, an advisor and thinker to most. He's been through university and is ready for the next stage in his life. 
He's witty, rude, sarcastic and kind. His loyalty depends on his mood, the day and sometimes the weather. He can kill with ease, when he isn't keeping his twin alive. 

Hannah and Tom never expected to cross paths this way. One hates, the other is full of hate, people worry it will be toxic. But no one will go against fate. Caught up in the age old game of pack rivalry, hierarchy and love, can both survive without destroying the other? 

"This isn't Shakespeare, this isn't Romeo and Juliette. I won't throw myself on a sword for you and if you do, I'll dance on you"

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So_Relatable So_Relatable Dec 19, 2015
That was so good! I feel really sympathetic towards her and the fact that she had to go through that on her birthday :( Of course fate isn't always the nicest person but I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees her mate :) 
                              This was really well written out too ❤️