The Kindled And Ghastly

The Kindled And Ghastly

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chasing the sun By itsfangirlcat Updated Aug 08, 2017

She had been assigned one job, to protect the enemy. 

Anika Vitae practically bleeds the colors of Ariolandi. A faithful servant to the cause and a renowned hero of war, serving in the Ceirdan Army is all she knows. To avenge the fate of her mother, she may even push the boundaries of allegiance. 

Prince Farid Runeys Arsamum was bred to keep kingdom of Elysia in order. But when he's betrayed at his own father's hand, he begins to see things in a different light. He only hopes that one day hope will be restored in those he loves.

Outside the borders and across the seas, changes are occurring. Ruthless creatures and shadows lurk the battlegrounds of the endless feud between the fae and the humans. The god of the dead, Arawn, is rising and planning. Along with this ancient deity comes a dark shadow that plagues the land.

With the two kingdoms losing hope quickly,  Anika needs to prove that times haven't turned too dark for a flame to ignite.

  • action
  • adventure
  • ancient
  • celtic
  • fantasy
  • fire
  • folklore
  • kingdom
  • magic
  • romance
  • royal
  • wild

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