Both Eyes Open - Daryl Dixon

Both Eyes Open - Daryl Dixon

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While out on a hunt, Daryl Dixon makes an encounter with a single stranger, armed and more than prepared for this world than anyone he's met so far. 
Soon this stranger is thrown into the group, and from there relationships develop, rivals are formed, and Daryl's feelings for her cannot be understood, until it seems too late. 

"Attachments are liabilities. Don't think for one second that I ever needed or wanted you. Why are you staring at me?!" She yelled, angrily shoving him away by his shoulders. 

He didn't seem phased by this. He merely regained his balance, and kept thoughtfully watching her, before asking,

"Are you done?"

Didn't think I'd find a book like this! Really do love it already!
Jesus guys you've known each other for five minutes even for a fanfic that's going a little fast
Let's have a moment of silence for our fallen pizza boy/ survivor😔😔🙌🙌
Omg I already love this so much. Maybe you could help me learn how you right so good.
Ahsoka15 Ahsoka15 Apr 08
Holy crap nuggets this story is just beginning and I'm in love with how BEAUTIFULLY written this is omg