Stuck in Attack On Titan

Stuck in Attack On Titan

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XFloralBaileyX By XFloralBaileyX Updated Dec 29, 2016

(This contains my precious OC Mira joined by her OC friend Naomi)

Mira is a average otaku. She loves watching anime, and reading manga. But what happens when life takes a unexpected turn for her? While watching Attack On Titan, Mira's TV glitches out blinding her only to have her wake up in the middle of a field open to any danger! She joins the survey corps, but later on Naomi (her BFF) ends up in a almost similar situation. Using their knowledge, the two girls plan to help mankind take its first big steps forward in a long time! But what if they have powers of their own that can help even more? 

With a life full of unexpected twists and turns ahead of them, these two girls take on whatever challenges is thrown at them! Hoping to come out of this alive. 
Mira belongs to me 
Naomi belongs to me
The Attack On Titan characters do not belong to me in any way.-
I sort of own the plot/story line. It doesn't follow the story line after chapter 7 :) but it gets way more interesting there trust me! Lots happens and you gotta read to find out
-characters may be OOC at times, forgive me pls 
-this will contain character x oc (if it's even a surprise to you)
- Spoilers for first season a little! At chapter 9 -everything else is my storyline however! IT DOES SPOIL SOME OF THE MANGA! PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND


-Nico_Yazawa- -Nico_Yazawa- Mar 29, 2016
                              Windex's Senpai~ Chan and Windex Is Senpai and Levi Yandere chan and yandere Levi will kill the titans who make a mess to try and get Windex to notice Them GOSH I NEED TO WRITE THIS AS A FANFIC XD
Naomi_TitanSlayer Naomi_TitanSlayer Dec 09, 2016
I love the idea for this book! The strange thing is that my OC is also named Naomi and she is for my AOT fanfic. Lol creepy
justotakuingaround justotakuingaround Nov 27, 2016
I'm imagining that image...
                              I'll go bury myself in a hole now...
justotakuingaround justotakuingaround Nov 27, 2016
Poor Armin 
                              MIKASA HELP HIM
                              YOU CAN IMPLODE THE EARTH IF YOU WANTED TO
XFloralBaileyX XFloralBaileyX Nov 25, 2015
I edited this just a tiny bit! I realised about half the story didn't  publish in this part. woops! >.<