He's Innocent [ManxBoy]

He's Innocent [ManxBoy]

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kelablovecasy By kelablovecasy Updated Aug 30, 2013

Nate's  point of view:

"Nathaniel! wake up and come down stairs!" i groaned and flipped on to my back as i heard my mothers retreating footsteps. It's monday and she knows how i dislike Mondays. i don't hate them. hate. that's a strong word and i won't use it. it's mean to Monday, you never know the day could have feelings.okay it's monday and i'm being rediculous, tired and exhuasted so just ignore anything crazy that comes out of my mouth.

my phone rings which startles me so much i end up falling off my bed. i land with a hard thump. i quickly grab my phone and answer it. "hello?" i wasa rewarded with a loud scream. i dropped my phone and covered my ears, once i was sure that the screaming was over i picked it up again. 

i looked at the collar ID and realized it was my best friend Abby. She was a crazy little thing, always screaming and going on about world peace and how it's so out of peace it's retarded. i don't get it either she's a weird one. 

"Abby it's.." i look over at...

Draculara804 Draculara804 Dec 28, 2017
No home my friends parents treat me as if I'm their own and I just act like so awkward around them
Vamp1600 Vamp1600 Mar 25, 2016
We don't have an accent. . .do we??? Cuz I never noticed unless ur from the islands than yea
NicoTheAngel NicoTheAngel May 28, 2015
AKA The room full of sex toys your mother uses and doesn't think you know about.
fluffyduffee fluffyduffee Mar 22, 2014
Love it *heart* so innocent and prob never watched tv and stuff
HadesLittlePrincess HadesLittlePrincess Feb 24, 2014
Why is it emo !? It's black there for its gothic. Emo is reference to self harm and depression... Damn I sound all know it all but it just kinda bugs me so ignore my ranting