Reckless Maiden (Avenger FF) ∣✓

Reckless Maiden (Avenger FF) ∣✓

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@Cynarr: I love Audrey xD She's hilarious 
@Hero-of-Canton: I like it so far! She seems like she'll be very kick-butt, which I appreciate in a main character! :)

      I brace his shield against the wall keeping it there as he struggles to use that arm. A chain then wraps around his other wrist keeping the man pined to the wall, as I casually walk up to him like this is an everyday kind of thing for me. Then again, it is. Continuing my walk up to him, we are now nose to nose. My lips seductively trail over his as the sight of his eyes rage with fury at me.

      "Better luck next time,  oh Mr. Liberty." My breath fanning out over his soft lips with a smirk. He looks down at me with unknown anger filled eyes for Captain America.

      "No, you'll need the luck for next time."  A hint of playfulness in my eyes and a silent chuckle in the air as I respond.

      "We shall see."


      She is ruthless, careless, and was hard to come across. She's a mystery wrapped in misery.

      Meet Audrey Cecilia Embers.

      The most wanted on almost every number one hit list in the world. In every country, province, state, or region wants her. You name it. FBI, NYPD, CSI, NCIS, and even HYDRA. Yes the five letter word.

      What happens when HYDRA strikes a one in a life time deal with her? Will she side with them? And what happens when the best organization comes after her? Will SHIELD stand a chance at catching Audrey or will she out smart them just like the million others she got away with?

       Audrey is a hard puzzle to put back together, because she hides the pieces in her heart, and scatters them in the deepest depth of her dark soul.

       Does any assassin have a soul or heart to begin with?  


Cover made by the lovely @zellasdays

**I obviously do not own Marvel and their characters, that all goes to them except my own characters.**

I mean can you honestly call yourself a super criminal if you don't got a lit af suit?
Wait, I thought it was Hydrokinesis... You know, hydro as in water.. 
                              Or is it aqua as in fish? Idk im little confuses
Probably not. You can do the crime in a pair of jogging sweats and a sweater 😂😂
-santaklaus -santaklaus Apr 06
finally! most books i read have the main character being extremely sexually active and it's very uncomfortable for me as a christian
megabitch04 megabitch04 Jul 17
So her dagger is like wolverines claws and Steve shield together wow that's one strong dagger
Serenijade Serenijade Jan 07
And for that I am grateful and would give you all the votes if my vote button worked 😁😄