Reckless Maiden (Avenger FF) ∣✓

Reckless Maiden (Avenger FF) ∣✓

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Kristy M.B. By marvelous_fan Completed

"You rather look funny." She said, titling her head to one side. "Are your eyes always that blue, and is that a natural displeased frown?"

She was rather irritating, but had a disposition for sarcasm and wit. But fuelled by rage and past pain, one has to cover the obviousness with a bit of humour. Audrey Cecilia Embers, or better known as, the Reckless Maiden, was a broken Christian mystery wrapped in misery.

Stealing paintings was her signature style of a message to her competitors, or was it a hobby? Whatever she made it into, the objective is what will be her downfall, getting herself in a bigger mess, and ending up in one of SHIELD's jails. The sweet smell of betrayal will be the outcome of this disaster, and she knows who played her. But before she can get some justice, her life spirals into a crazier direction when one family member comes back to haunt her to her grave.

Lost to her own selfish temptations and desires in the world, she fell into the great Tempter's hands long ago, and now, Audrey will have to face a more difficult and competitive group of enhanced individuals, who initially will solve that unanswered mystery of her past history, and a larger God who brings her back to her faith through one man; a man with the same belief as her's. 

Amongst the intangible recklessness of the assassin, it will have to be up to her whether she can untangle the mess she got herself in or not. 


Cover made by the lovely @zellasdays

**I obviously do not own Marvel and their characters, that all goes to them except my own characters.**

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apex-aporia apex-aporia Jan 09
Love the way you opened up the story! I'm hooked already :))
                              (Just a suggestion: shouldn't it be "dissimilar she was to" rather "dissimilar she was against"? Of course, I may be reading it the wrong way, so please correct me if I did.)
Marvel_demigods4Life Marvel_demigods4Life May 31, 2016
Man you teach a better art lesson than my damn art teachers!😂
RoseWood1221 RoseWood1221 Sep 11, 2016
Screw your lab safety, I want super powers. Oh, wait, sorry Bruce
Cynarr Cynarr Jan 17, 2016
Finally someone who uses the Netherlands in stead of Holland xD
Hero-of-Canton Hero-of-Canton Jan 02, 2016
XD what a specific note to make in SHIELD file. I imagine the guy who wrote is was looking at the really long list of all her skills and was like, "nah. I'll paraphrase."
Hero-of-Canton Hero-of-Canton Jan 02, 2016
'Cause she's slick. Also, telekinesis. *whispers* You should probably call a certain group of special people to deal with soldier in particular who appreciates a 1940's figure... *disappears into the shadows*