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The Warlord's Pet (boyxboy)(on hold)

The Warlord's Pet (boyxboy)(on hold)

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Ocean_Eyes831 By Ocean_Eyes831 Updated Apr 17, 2016

The future.
Where being a shifter means hiding.

Lukha is a young cheetah shifter just leaving the confines of his mothers watchful eyes. He lives in the savanna  where one thing has been drilled in his mind since the day he was born. Don't shift.

Constantine is a powerful warlord, and as tradition says he must find a pet. With his mind set up he ventures into the savanna and immediately  finds a unique cheetah shifter. That catches his eye like none other before.
Someone handed me a blanket, a light but soft one. I slowly approached him. He shuffled away giving another low growl A warning. I ignored him swooping down and swaddling him up in the blanket so he couldn't move. He struggled a little bit, whimpers leaving his throat. 

I held him close to my body. He was so tiny he fit perfectly. He burrowed his head into my shoulder and started to chirp, as I walked towards the car. 

"He's calling for his mother, younger shifters have a tendency to do that,"

- - May 03, 2016
                              I've seen domestic cat shifters, but i have yet to read one with a cheetah shifter
Writesyscrub Writesyscrub Jul 26, 2016
Exept cheetas they hunt during the day to avoid jaguars and lions cause they are smaller then them. This means they can eat more which gives them more energy to hunt and defend themselves
TaylorBailey522 TaylorBailey522 Apr 26, 2016
I started a story awhile back with cheetah shifters but never finished because I didn't really want to write it, I wanted to read it. Thanks!
AoiLover AoiLover Jan 25, 2016
Shooocks i love cats and the cheetah's position and everything is too cute i wanna squeeze he life out of him
LovelyRuins LovelyRuins Jan 12, 2016
I'm eager to see how you continue this story. Usually prologues are quite boring, but you were able to keep my attention and hook me in.
EPINSS EPINSS Jan 06, 2016
Interesting premise. Near the start, however, I think you mean "knew", instead of "new".