Our Gigantic Friend

Our Gigantic Friend

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✿Polly✿ By KawaiiRIREN Updated Sep 12, 2016

Armin and Mikasa seem to be followed by a 15 meter titan. But it's different than the other titans. For starters, its friendly. The titan loves affection and being the center of their attention. The titan also seems to have smaller version of it's self. Armin and Mikasa have no choice but to trust their new gigantic friend.

The Survey Corps have never seen a Titan that doesn't eat humans. This titan is an abnormal if it can just stare at them with mixed matched eyes. Not only does the titan know its weak spot but it has displayed intelligence. It also seems to have an interest in Captain Levi...

*Contains manga spoilers!*

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Meopize Meopize Feb 06
Sure. We'll let you think that. Just watch out for the 15 meter Titan watching you, it might make you think it's a deer but it's not.
Meopize Meopize Feb 06
And that folks, was everyone gulping for air at the cuteness overload
But he doesn't have water powers and he isn't a sentient rock
Pearl_Thorn Pearl_Thorn Feb 05
This should be interesting. I've never read a story with this type of plot.
Omg lol Sasha god ur so funny * falls of the sofa after having a good time loughing *
Meopize Meopize Feb 06
And behind one of those magnificent trees, we see a grown man-Titan in his natural habitat. He seems to be daydreaming about a certain corporal..