The Prophecy(ON HOLD)

The Prophecy(ON HOLD)

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Angela Okoduwa By Angelique_Esmeralda Updated Mar 26, 2016

She began to scream, cry and plead, trying to get away from whatever creature was behind her but his grip felt like boulders weighing her down to the spot. His grunts got louder and his penetration, deeper, tearing her insides apart then something very hot and sticky spilled inside her and some of the sticky liquid which obviously was his semen dripped on the grass and also down her thighs, mixing with her blood. 

When she glanced down, they were thick and brownish yellow. She was so weak that she could hardly stand on her shaky feet. She felt his hot breath on her back as he withdrew whatever large organ he had put inside her.

Michella, an American-Spaniard who is caught between two worlds of the vampire race and the werewolf race is prophesied to be the winged one, thereby making whichever race she chooses, stronger but when her lesbian partner is killed and a mysterious man saves her from death, her entire life took a quick turn.

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  • betrayal
  • cops
  • death
  • inter-relationship
  • jealousy
  • lesbian
  • love
  • lovemaking
  • murder
  • stubborn
  • tears
  • torture
  • vampire
  • violence
  • werewolf
Derise0617 Derise0617 Dec 26, 2017
Nada means nothing in Spanish. No is no in Spanish but it's pronounced differently