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Sasha Alexander Nikolaevich Hell x Reader Book 1 (Completed)

Sasha Alexander Nikolaevich Hell x Reader Book 1 (Completed)

11.8K Reads 220 Votes 7 Part Story
Hikari Yuri By XxHi-ChanxX Completed

Hello you guys I'm writing a new fanfiction and if you don't know who this sasha [ his name is super long so I don't want to write it but don't worry I already wrote it in the title] guy is his from the anime Seikon no Qwaser ok thats all the info I'm giving now back to the story. In this story he was at home waiting for Mafuyu and her sister Tomo to come home from going to bring there new friend [which you guys know who it is] here because she asked them if she could live with them and they said yes. After he waited in his bedroom for 1 hour Mafuyu and Tomo was back so he got up and went to the living room and when he was there he ask Mafuyu to cook his favorite dish borscht and when he was about to turn around and go back into his room he saw you but than his eyes went to your breast and he suddenly grabbed it. OK thats it I don't want to spoil the story. Oh and have fun reading the story! - rain-chan

XxHi-ChanxX XxHi-ChanxX May 08
Haha I'm 14 so I'm still young so I'm still improving but thks anyway
Heyboii Heyboii May 08
This is so lazily done...
                              You can most definatly improve I know you kinda get bored and all but don't worry you'll get better :)
HannahTheMarfMellow HannahTheMarfMellow Nov 22, 2016
*sits at the table as they say I have to share a room* I DON GIVE A FUK O3O
XxHi-ChanxX XxHi-ChanxX Jan 21
Aw you can if you tried hard enough so dont give up and keep doing your best😊 and thank you for your compliment!
-siro- -siro- Aug 09, 2016
Oops it had a swear word I forgot hehe 😅😂 Please private message me if you're interested 💕
femcielphantomhive femcielphantomhive Aug 03, 2016
The fact that my name is Sasha is making me confused through the story. *slow clap* Thank you mother.