Brotherly Love (twincest)

Brotherly Love (twincest)

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Phylli Cheese By phyllisryan Completed

Travis and Trevor are twin brothers. Travis is madly in love with his older brother by only 10 minutes Trevor. Travis is shy,quite,depressed,to him self kinda guy. Trevor on the other hand happy, out going, popular,happy guy that is can't see his little brothers feelings. 

Travis has a secret that not even his brother know and that is he is gay. The only he hasn't told Trevor is because like I said earlier he is to himself. He doesn't know why he lives in a bubble but he does.

Will Trevor every see the love Travis has for him or will Trevor be a blinded dumb ass and never notice? I don't know maybe.


Is Travis ever going to break his depression and have a smile on that face of his? I don't know maybe.

OneisnotZero OneisnotZero Aug 02, 2017
NonononononoNO twincest is to far. I have nothing against LGBTQ+. My library is a gay heaven but this to far
amordeyn amordeyn Aug 20, 2016
You don't know? How can you not know? YOU'RE THE ONE WRITING THIS?
__Eren_Ackerman__ __Eren_Ackerman__ Nov 15, 2016
I started at the photo for like 10 minutes cause that's too damn hot
WhoWantsToLive WhoWantsToLive Jan 03, 2017
It's fine it's not like you're writing the book or anything, right?
rose_bunny22 rose_bunny22 Jan 07, 2014
OMG I just started readin this but I just wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE ur books giggles xoxo bye
NekuChan NekuChan Jan 03, 2014
Oh wow there's already 19 chapters? 
                              *rubs hands together with a creepy smile*
                              I'm gonna like this shizz... >:D