the star || [✔]

the star || [✔]

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arye ; By mino-sakura Completed

"do you still remember, that night when we're little, you're sitting at the corner of the ballroom,crying. and a prince come to comfort you, telling you that everything's gonna be alright." 

"and I hope that prince will come again and tell me exactly same thing, that.. Everything will be alright,"

; and beware of my shitty grammar, spelling errors, and engrish stuff. it's been a long time since i completed this book and I didn't edit (bcs i'm lazy af) . sorry and thank you :)

Dana12003 Dana12003 May 07
How its before ten years and before you said eight years 😐😐
They must be around 5-7 right? Damn, I better step up my game
trashkid_02 trashkid_02 Mar 09
Forgot the name and face but remember the voice. Interesting..
-wonramyun -wonramyun Sep 02
@Hashiri I love how he's called  Prince Charming^ (^◇^)
cosmicgirls cosmicgirls Jan 18
I was going to say that they are too young to even think about kissing but then i remembered my friend received his first blowjob when he was 7 by a 6 year old boy so nvm u both can kiss as many time as u want kids go for it
17hwaiting 17hwaiting Jan 04
                              YOU LITTLE ROMANTIC TURNIP