Attack on Titans(Seme Male Reader Insert)[BoyXBoy]

Attack on Titans(Seme Male Reader Insert)[BoyXBoy]

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AllyR0se By AllyR0se Updated Feb 14, 2016

Little (M/n)(L/n) and Eren both grew up together and became best of friends. (M/n) and Eren meets Mikasa and Armin. A strong bond between them forms.

but then the Titans attack, Mikasa and (M/n) dies as they tried to escape. Eren and Armin, are the only two left and alive vows to kill the titans for (M/n) and Mikasa.

Years later, Eren and Armin joins the Legion army in the fight against titans...

(I don't own any Attack on Titans series but I own this story.)

This book is called Aot x reader not stranger x reader whom we kissed back
- - May 28, 2016
And at this point I realized, that this fan fiction (like your other aot ff) was based off  the movie.
Mina_Kiryu Mina_Kiryu May 19, 2016
@FlamingK1tsune no from the movie it was someone else's baby but it was left and mikass wanted to save it
- - May 28, 2016
Tch, I don't die, for I, Reader~san, AM LE MAIN CHARACTER! I'M BASICALLY IMMORTAL! (And super f*ckin' bad*ss)