Blood,Lust,Sex And Games

Blood,Lust,Sex And Games

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nyasha By nyasha Updated Apr 01, 2011


[b]Damos[/b] has lived for centuries..heard it all..seen it all..and lost it all..he seeks revenge on the ones who took his sister Ravenna away from him,he has decided that there is nothing left to live for but to seek utter revenge..but is that what fate has in store for him?

[b]Psyche[/b] works for an Agency which hunt's vampires,but in her daytime she works as a bank accountant,eversince she learned of these creatures exsistence she has done nothing but hunt them down biggest wish is to rid the world of them once and for all..but she has been told over and over again to [b]Expect The Unexpected[/b]

Now as both their path's cross,are they the Chasers..or the Prey?

A Novel by [b]Nyasha.N.Devonish[/b]

All Rights belong to the writer,Copywrite [b]NOT[/b] tolerated.

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