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Riri By Riri_Senpai Updated Feb 27

The title says it all.

                  Warning ⚠:
 This book contains heavy sexual content and language. For mature audiences only. Thanks.

For those of you who did not heed my warning and got scarred in any way, shape, or form, I am not responsible for it nor will I claim responsibility for it.

(But if you got caught by your parents I will pray for your well being and hope you learn to improve your sneaky ninja ways )

Grease? Like the musical from the 50's? With the stupid excuse for feminists?
Mexehanort Mexehanort Jun 25
Noragami: YAY, alright. Been a while since I watched it but it's great. 
                              SAO: Ew. Just no. How about no.
"Does that feel good?"
                              Baby: "Ah"
                              XDDD I STARTED DYING!!!
BTSNinja14 BTSNinja14 Jul 15
Mmm..I don't really like Kirito, buuut sure, why not. 
                              Noble: Joing the Rejected Girls' Club.
                              Me: Hahahaha no.
Levi quit breaking the fourth wall cause You were talking about yourself
IrenaDarkAlphaWolf IrenaDarkAlphaWolf Mar 29, 2016
Ô////Ô my bf Levi literally pushed me on the bed and toyed with me. To bad I'm under 16 =3= 3 more years man just 3 more years