A small town. Five old friends chatting and laughing in a pub. Everything is usual and the night is no different than any other. For a while they just sit drinking beer and smoking butts. But soon they start a new conversation which leads one of them to a night adventure, all the more interesting because it happens to be true...The question is: shouldn't you follow advices?
did you mean (business)?
                                    dropped to his but(t)
                                    another victim . . .
placed it under his but(t).
                                    I wanna go, too! I call shotgun :D
I like it!  It's got a scarry era to it.  It seems like you edited it before you posted which is real nice touch considering a lot of wattpad writers in here dont really edit their work.  I like how the story flows keep writting it just got interesting.
Very blody good opening, too what im sure will be a great story 
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i just read the first page and i like the way the story goes))
DANG!! I wonder if it is actually possible to die from being so scared....