Phrases Within

Phrases Within

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my inner thoughts.

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SaraCruz363 SaraCruz363 Dec 11, 2016
Couldn't it have a bit of more feeling into it......but overall it was pretty good
bree3991 bree3991 Feb 01, 2016
I agree with this never judge someone by their looks not their culture:)
velvetsweetie velvetsweetie May 07, 2016
agreed. people shouldn't be judged based on their culture and looks, get to know them first! 
                              *prints* *pastes*
I like it, but u need commas lmao. Sorry for criticizing your grammar. It just bothers me but im gonna keep reading it bc i love poetry and ur talented
therestlesspoet therestlesspoet Nov 23, 2016
Only two lines but so much beauty. Maybe we could team up and write    something together.
MoniqueKurney MoniqueKurney Nov 04, 2016
I totally relate. I hate it when my feelings are stronger than someone else's.