The Bad Boys Are Out To Get Her

The Bad Boys Are Out To Get Her

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Just Another Girl By HandOverThePizza Updated Nov 20, 2017

Alexis Taylor is your average good girl. Look up 'good' in the dictionary, and you'll see her face. Good grades, studying and few friends, basically sums up her life.

Riley Matthews is the notorious leader of the bad boys. He's the baddest and the cockiest. Player is his middle name and he walks around as if he owns the school. I guess to a certain extent he does, his dad is the principle, which gains him and his friends.. privileges.

Accidentally spilling a Coke all over said Riley Matthews, earns Alex a truckload of unwanted attention. The bad boys actually know about her existence now and are out to get her. She is unsuspectingly thrown into the world of Dean Adams, the joker; Jake Thomas, the prankster and Drew Lewis, the serious one. Riley wants revenge and his friends are eager to help. Jake is the king of pranks which makes things... only about 100 times worse for Alex. 

When the bad boys realize that Alex is not as innocently clueless as she seems and might actually be kind of cool, the beginning of a friendship blossoms. But there are only a million things that could go wrong. Now, as cliche as it sounds, we all know that the good girl always falls for the bad boy. 
The question is... which one?

Highest ranking: #670 in Teen Fiction [2016/10/29]

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the jokester and the prankster usually end up with irrevocable feelings. and mr bad boy/leader of the gang gets the good girl. but somehow the serious one might end up with girl, if the author felt like killing off the mc. so it's either riley or drew, fellas. i bet my left ass cheek on it.
Buccy123 Buccy123 Nov 02, 2016
I want to be Riley❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
winx1265 winx1265 Oct 16, 2016
If she's real, and live here in the Phillipines and at the same school I am and at my age, we'll dafinitely be Best Friends
Roman_renegade Roman_renegade Jan 12, 2016
I'll tell the truth here, the description itself brought me chills when you said 'Which one?' In the end. Hence, I will read on.