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린 By taeddy Updated Dec 26, 2016

❝you've just confessed to the wrong twin!❞

in which a guy accidentally confessed to the unattractive twin instead of the attractive one.

started: 2/12/15
ended: -

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seventysev seventysev Dec 08, 2016
VISUAL EXPLODE! Should i imagine them with irene's face or seulgi's?
suchaqtae suchaqtae Nov 28, 2016
Am I the only one who never knew about seulmin?? IM LATE OMG
silkyjeon silkyjeon Sep 22, 2016
lol chim break her heart and ill break your neck:) omg lol😂
dyesereme_30 dyesereme_30 Nov 20, 2016
omo. that proluge make me crazy. jimin and seulgi is my ub, i can't take this feeling irene is between of theme.
hwalhwal hwalhwal Oct 13, 2016
first of all, that would be fCKED UP second of all seulmIN FTW