Cupid finally made the right choice!

Cupid finally made the right choice!

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Jade Danielle By TalkToTheHand Updated Feb 23, 2011

Danielle Harland has a normal life... She has the best friends anyone could ever ask for, her and her mum have a great relationship and she is planning on achieving her dads last dying wish... To gain the confidence to do what she has always wanted to do!

But what happens when she finds out the deep dark secret of her best friend? Will she be supportive or will she feel betrayed for not being told? She needs to make the right choice but she cant seem to figure out what the right choice is!

And how about when she meets the guy shes always dreamed about - the perfect guy. The One.

Will everything work out or will their lives be torn apart by a dying family member?

Read on to find out...

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moonlightallure moonlightallure Dec 18, 2010
TalkToTheHand TalkToTheHand Nov 20, 2010
@alexis_rene :) Thankyouuu!
                              lol i based Danielles character on myself!... So thanks! :P ha x
TalkToTheHand TalkToTheHand Nov 20, 2010
@confusedbutloving :P thats true as well... there is a girl i know called Shannon that i really dont like!! xD Haha She spilt alcohol on my best friends prom dress BEFORE prom!! :O lmao it stained too and she didnt even clean it! :\ lol We were pretty miffed! xD
                              Thanks for all the comments! :P xx
SophLouise SophLouise Jul 20, 2010
Oh My God! I am so not that random!!  Well, maybe a little but I wouldn't kick a bird!! Hahhahahha thanks for putting me in your story ;) xxxxxx
SophLouise SophLouise Jul 20, 2010
AWESOME!!! & awww :,) thanks for advertising my story!! Hahaha i'll upload more tonight or tomorrow xD 
                              Loveyouu xxxx :)