Escaping Destiny

Escaping Destiny

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Nyvikk By Nyvikk Updated Oct 21, 2010

Kyne hasn't been oblivious nor is he stupid; he knows what his destiny was supposed to be and he knows who he is and where he came from. He's just turned his back to on it all and tried to live amongst the humans he calls friends keeping the truth locked in the back of his mind. 

However, things don't happen the way he had them planned to. Before he knows it he's been stalked, threatened, and tortured by a group of men. They don't seem to be normal humans and state that they will not stop until Kyne agrees to come with them. At first Kyne thinks nothing of it allowing them to torture him all they want but something goes wrong. They end up pulling Liam and Matthew, Kyne's best friends, into the whole mess. 

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  • human
  • rebel

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