The arranged marriage(jelsa)

The arranged marriage(jelsa)

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jelsaforever0479 By jelsaforever0479 Updated May 13, 2017

What happens when you're forced to get married, to someone you don't know?

Well that's what happened to Elsa Arandelle a 20 year old girl who both her parents arranged a marriage for her once she graduated from college, just to merge companies together to make their company strong and big they merge companies with rich and wealthy people. 

Jack a 21 young rich boy who can make a girls knees feel weak when he smiles who... Now got an arranged marriage to someone he doesn't know ever since he knew about their parents plan, he vowed not to love the girl he is going to marry and make her live miserable.... But one thing is on his mind he will never leave his girlfriend..... Ever.

What will happen between these two? 

Will he love her? Or have feelings for her?


Credit to this amazing cover is @ForReadersXD Thank you so much for this cover :)

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TiredOfMyUsername TiredOfMyUsername Feb 17, 2016
Little tip, most of these sentences are run-ons, they have to have a conjunction (and, or, so, because, ect.) and a comma if your going to combine two sentences. Not trying to be rude, in fact just trying to be helpful.