Bipper x Reader one-shots

Bipper x Reader one-shots

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Bill Cipher By JournalApocalypse Updated May 29, 2016

So, these are one-shots for Bipper x reader I hope you like it. Send me suggestions for a one-shot and I'll make it a one-shot and give credit!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own gravity falls or the characters or the pictures.

cover by: JournalApocalypse (me)


The-Lunar-Eclipse The-Lunar-Eclipse Oct 07, 2016
AWESOME SAUCE!!! fawking Bill Cipher.... y u do deez tings???
zerowinters zerowinters Jul 31, 2016
My character has long black hair dyed purple at the end,she wears a black long sleeved shirt,with a short purple skirt,and her eyes are bright red,she also has the power of the ninetailed fox and secretly doesnt show anyone her tails,and ears ps:even her power of flame,
Im_The_Crazy_Girl Im_The_Crazy_Girl Dec 06, 2016
Literally me when my mom tickles me and I'm like "CURSE YOU MOTHER CURSE YOU!" And then I'm laughing really hard like dang 
                              I just shared some of my life with you be proud!
                              I don't even know...
                              I'm done lol
SinpaiCandy SinpaiCandy Oct 22, 2016
Captain/SargentJello at cho service, ready to protect and preserve! *solutes and smirks with a police hat on* (if anyone gets the refrence you is my best fren x3
Im_The_Crazy_Girl Im_The_Crazy_Girl Dec 06, 2016
imagine dippers ghost was like
                              Dipper:BILL NO SHES ONLY A FRIEND STOP IT NO
Im_The_Crazy_Girl Im_The_Crazy_Girl Dec 06, 2016
*looks at a gnome awkwardly* hi how you doing, good, good *awkwardly walks away* *yells "GOODBYE!!" From really far away*