Heating up (Levi x reader x Erwin) lemon

Heating up (Levi x reader x Erwin) lemon

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GoEatYourLemon By GoEatYourOrange Updated May 08, 2016

Reader-chan's POV


"(You can choose favorite character), stop shaking me!" I groan, " I'm not moving!" OUCH! My own clumsiness caused me to fall off my bed. I stood up and got dressed, maybe I'll see hiechou today, hehe. As I walk down  the hall, I'm greeted by a hit to the back of the head.

"What the hell?" I turn around to see Eren, he looked slightly pissed. "(Reader-chan) where were you? Come on, let's get to breakfast." During breakfast I take a scan of the room, nobody will mind if I sneak off to the showers, so I'll break for the door and rush there while nobody is watching. I slowly stride to the door, nobody seems to notice though, I casually walk to the showers and undress. 
(Me- *Rape Mode activate*)

I am only in my underwear but I feel cold. There is no steam in the showers, I'll be be warmer once I get in the shower.  I'm not the only one that sneaks in here, Ymir and Crista both come in here for a not-so-secret smooch session, when Ymir and Crista sneak in here,...

XxSapphire_Witch XxSapphire_Witch Oct 09, 2016
threesome with a big ass tree and  a stoic midget (no offence levi) 
                              Seems... uhhh...
Freedom-Howl Freedom-Howl Dec 07, 2016
The person who woke me was MARCO -,_- I'm crying on the inside
Freedom-Howl Freedom-Howl Dec 07, 2016
Tamaki-Suoh-King Tamaki-Suoh-King Oct 01, 2016
He's here he's there he's everywhere who is it .......
                              Your local rapist the pedo bear
Gockel17 Gockel17 May 11, 2016
Shut up and sleep with me! Come on why don't you sleep with US?
Xx_Mikori_xX Xx_Mikori_xX Oct 09, 2016
o゚゚゚̥̥̊h゚゚゚̥̥̊    h゚゚゚̥̥̊e゚゚゚̥̥̊l゚゚゚̥̥̊l゚゚゚̥̥̊  . n゚゚゚̥̥̊ḁ゚゚゚̥̊ẘ゚゚゚̥̥