Yandere Dangan Ronpa x Reader

Yandere Dangan Ronpa x Reader

98.4K Reads 2K Votes 23 Part Story
(❁°͈▵°͈) By IcebergIsle Completed

{Cover Made By: bwlieve}

Warning: Violence, Gore, And Scenes Not 
Suited For People Under The Age Of 14. Oh My.

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Shipz4daiz Shipz4daiz Oct 27
*Nagito appears with like thirty bagels*
                              DID SOMEBODY SAY HOPE ?!?!!!!????
Kianna: *covers neck with scarf* Togami.....
                              Byakuya: *blushes* I.....would never do this.......
BookishAnimeFangirl BookishAnimeFangirl 16 hours ago
O fluff
                              The Titans have broken down the Wall Fourth
                              EVERYONE EVACUAAATEEE
Is why Gundam has his scarf. This is Gundam right now in this chapter.
*inhales deeply*
                              LiStEn HeRe YoU P A M p e rd FACK
AdamCotrell AdamCotrell 4 days ago
Yeah, Makoto! I fücking did!
                              You're the SHSL hope, not SHSL despair!!