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Asylum (Harry Styles)#Wattys2017

Asylum (Harry Styles)#Wattys2017

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Kel By hipster_harryxx Updated Jun 18

Blue lightening cracks across the dark night sky,  illuminating the hospital hallways. A deep rumble of thunder shakes the earth below, the strong force seems to be shaking the old walls of the creaky and rusting hospital. 

I walk silently down the quiet hallways, leaky pipes dripping water being heard around the hall as the heavy droplets fall to the cement floor. 

My white nurse shoes tapping ever so lightly against the cold floor as I make my way down the deadly silent hallway. The thunder claps loudly once more,  sending a light shiver down my spine as the second flash of lightening lights up the hospital. 

I dig the keys out of my uniform pocket,  clutching tightly to the small object,  as I come closer and closer to the door I fear to enter alone. My breathing becomes rapid and my heart rate picks up dramatically. I turn the key in the lock and open the creaky door,  only to reveal the man sitting in the middle of the four walled room,  his smile is chilling as I enter...

SadLovell SadLovell Mar 27
Listen up dude. I ain't doing all that psycho devil stuff k? So imma get you some holy water
LadyMoka LadyMoka Apr 09
This reminded me of wizard101 "Ravenswood" instead of "Ravenwood" lol
SadLovell SadLovell Mar 27
Besides the multiple personalities..... AYE IM IN A FANFIC WADDUP
EvisZogaj EvisZogaj May 07
THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS U *showers his head with holy water*
EvisZogaj EvisZogaj May 07
Wow im honestly gettin chills here.. somebody please hold me
Nigga ik u ain't messing with god imma pull up on your block and beat ya ass up😤👊🏽