Blazed (Navia)

Blazed (Navia)

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kawaiipotato789 By kawaiipotato789 Updated Nov 09, 2016

NAVIA (Natsu x Juvia) 

Juvia has always been madly In love with Gray. But her heart is broken when Gray fullbuster starts dating the Celestial wizard Lucy Heartfillia. Juvia is not about to give up there though. She has a plan. She'll have Lucy fall in love with someone else, then Gray is all hers. Who could that someone be? Natsu of course. 

After Natsu agrees to help Juvia the two work together to capture the hearts of their lovers. But what happens when they end up capturing each other's hearts? 

Things start to change when the two start to get closer. When their true feelings come forward. Are Gray and Lucy really the partners of Natsu and Juvia's dreams? Or have they been infront of them all along?

NutMeg20 NutMeg20 Sep 29, 2016
Lucy isn't a blue cat who always ruins ship moments. Stop being so silly!
FairyTailSoldier FairyTailSoldier Feb 14, 2016
I love juvia and natsu together even though there's a snowballs chance in.hell I.still love em
PhinbellaFerbnessa PhinbellaFerbnessa Jul 09, 2016
Lol this came up while I was flipping through a Gruvia fanfic I didn't know people shipped this but it's cute
chuchugt chuchugt Jun 02, 2016
don't get mad at me but i'm a gruvia fan but I decided to see what navia fan fics are like and they are great!
The_Last_Food-Bender The_Last_Food-Bender Mar 01, 2016
                              (God tangled)
MistDancer16 MistDancer16 Dec 14, 2016
Bruh your better with Gray anyway even tho this is the right fic for this XD