Mad Hatter ➵ a.b

Mad Hatter ➵ a.b

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photographer By rioxxt Updated Jul 01

"Are you scared of me, is that it?" Andy said. 

She stayed silent. 

"I-I just don't know okay, like I told you I never had been able to trust anyone so don't think you can gain it so easily" She replied coldly. 

"I can easily change that baby, Oh how you're going to find that out real quick." Andy whispered lowly. 


Melanie, A Passionate  Photographer, Artist, And Writer Goes To The Local Cafe Taking In The Autumnal Features &&. Ends Up Meeting None The Other Andy Biersack. 
With Andy's Cocky Attitude & Melanie's Stubbornness, Will The Two Strive For A 'Friendship' Or Become Just Another Face In The Crowd?

⚠If you don't like sarcasm, swearing, sexual content, and violence- go away. No, seriously, Don't read it. Save yourself⚠

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