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Mushroom By danhowellsangel Completed

Phil Lester is new to University, ready to start his life and maybe make some friends.

Dan Howell is the drummer of a rock band in town. He's sort of the badass, rocker guy of campus.

When these fellows get stuck being roommates their whole lives are turned upside down. Maybe even for the better.

Jay--dee Jay--dee Nov 21
I don't really like cake either although there are many types of cake so I'll like at least one or two types I guess.  Cupcakes, donuts, waffles, and pancakes, are definitely disgusting though.
Stop my innocent little bean. You're to precious to have these foul words coming out of your mouth.
Jay--dee Jay--dee Nov 21
I love THE CHAOS as well Chris ;) (Idek if anyone knows what I'm talking about lol, its a fake band Chris is in that he acted in for a giffgaff series called chaos)
We all have our weird dislikes, just like we all have our weird fears.........I'm afraid of my fish tank.........
xTacoxCatx xTacoxCatx Nov 11
Oh meh gersh Imma imagine that they start listening to Alone Together because it just an adorable thought
My Latin teacher's name is Miss. Morris. She's exactly the same.