Quavo Princess

Quavo Princess

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Jai Jai😈😻 By jayygottfanzz Completed

Quavo Pov:so I just found out I might have a daughter she supposedly 4 right now me and my mom is going to court we walked in to see a my lawyer and some other lawyer but not the Broad that's pinning her child on me but then I seen my first love Olivia mom could Olivia be the broad that I would believe because when I left she was pregnant.

My Lawyer:so where is the lady??

Olivia Mom:the lady Olivia died a year ago the doctors said I have a few more weeks to live so I'm want to give Noel to her father

Mom:awwww her name is pretty

Olivia Mom:but.....she is death


Olivia Mom:she was born that way she can get hearing aids but Olivia said she was born like that so she Dont want to change a thing 

Quavo:well if she is my child ima get her some hearing aids

Mom:you already stepping up

Judge:Can you go get Noel

OM:(goes out to the other room and comes back holding Noel hand)

Noel:(running tryna keep up and tugs her hand)

OM:(looks at her)

Noel:(signs)slow down


Chu_bbs Chu_bbs Jul 21
Chris she ain't in a black robe with a scythe 🤦🏽‍♀️
miyahpetr miyahpetr Feb 09
Right they dont know what it is if she just asked what it was
Why he asking a five year old do she want a DNA test? 🤔😕
AdalineRose1 AdalineRose1 Nov 16, 2016
I Love Her and I Love Her Music and Her Songs and I Really Just Love Her
Ajahlove2O Ajahlove2O Jun 13, 2016
"Her name is Noel I had a dream about her she rings my bell I got gym class in half an hour" Harry styles voice teenage dirtbag
iamleah224 iamleah224 Jan 16
I read this book so much and never noticed Kehlani 😭😍😍