Quavo Princess

Quavo Princess

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Quavo Pov:so I just found out I might have a daughter she supposedly 4 right now me and my mom is going to court we walked in to see a my lawyer and some other lawyer but not the Broad that's pinning her child on me but then I seen my first love Olivia mom could Olivia be the broad that I would believe because when I left she was pregnant.

My Lawyer:so where is the lady??

Olivia Mom:the lady Olivia died a year ago the doctors said I have a few more weeks to live so I'm want to give Noel to her father

Mom:awwww her name is pretty

Olivia Mom:but.....she is death


Olivia Mom:she was born that way she can get hearing aids but Olivia said she was born like that so she Dont want to change a thing 

Quavo:well if she is my child ima get her some hearing aids

Mom:you already stepping up

Judge:Can you go get Noel

OM:(goes out to the other room and comes back holding Noel hand)

Noel:(running tryna keep up and tugs her hand)

OM:(looks at her)

Noel:(signs)slow down


I Love Her and I Love Her Music and Her Songs and I Really Just Love Her
"Her name is Noel I had a dream about her she rings my bell I got gym class in half an hour" Harry styles voice teenage dirtbag
Kashingz Kashingz Apr 07
That's my brothers. Birthday and one day before my uncles birthday
IceTacos IceTacos Dec 27, 2015
My middle name is Noel. But cuz I was born on Christmas Eve 😄😂