Male Reader X Male Yandere

Male Reader X Male Yandere

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MostlyForgotten By TooGayCantFunction Updated Mar 02, 2016

"Here is our new student, y/n l/n," the teacher Mr. Usimaki spoke. I smiled and waved at the class. The class seemed bored. 

I awkwardly put my hand down and stared at the ground blushing. 'Do they not like me? ' I thought to myself. 'Am I good enough for their Japanese culture?'

"Welcome!! " someone waved back. It was a blue haired boy. His eyes stared at me with glee. My eyes beamed with joy as I watched the young boy. 

"You can sit by me, there's a lovely seat I save for the most important person!" he smiled, tugging me towards the seat. "So you're from Italy? You're name sounds awesome! I can teach you Japanese!"

"T-thanks? " I questioned myself. Do I want to sit by this weirdo? I sighed and sat in the 'special' seat. 
I got my books and slipped back on my shoes. For the first day of school, it wasn't so bad. 

I've met friends an--"Hey y/n-chan!!! " the same boy yelled. It turned out the guys name was Takino.

"Taki, " I smiled. He smiled back, running up to me. "Do ...

CraigLovesEbichu CraigLovesEbichu Aug 09, 2016
Korean, Norwegian, German, and possibly England, Poland, and other European countries, but no Italian! I'm sad...
UndeadVixen665 UndeadVixen665 Sep 11, 2016
The cockroach is dead. Twitching on the floor without the bottom half of its body. That you my fluffy kitten.
XxGoxDiexX XxGoxDiexX Jan 05
I hope you go through the same torture as Ciel except there will be no one to save you and help you get revenge
Fuyumifireicesatan Fuyumifireicesatan Dec 18, 2016
I'm British and I'm from England but I always loved the Italian accent
CraigLovesEbichu CraigLovesEbichu Aug 09, 2016
Lol, I just read it as Tarantino, oh god yes. SOME ONE MAKE QUENTIN TARANTINO X READER!
UndeadVixen665 UndeadVixen665 Sep 11, 2016
Omg right at this chapter I was attacked by a cockroach!!!!
                               Curse you dangerous nature!!!