Male Reader X Male Yandere

Male Reader X Male Yandere

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MostlyForgotten By TooGayCantFunction Updated Mar 02, 2016

"Here is our new student, y/n l/n," the teacher Mr. Usimaki spoke. I smiled and waved at the class. The class seemed bored. 

I awkwardly put my hand down and stared at the ground blushing. 'Do they not like me? ' I thought to myself. 'Am I good enough for their Japanese culture?'

"Welcome!! " someone waved back. It was a blue haired boy. His eyes stared at me with glee. My eyes beamed with joy as I watched the young boy. 

"You can sit by me, there's a lovely seat I save for the most important person!" he smiled, tugging me towards the seat. "So you're from Italy? You're name sounds awesome! I can teach you Japanese!"

"T-thanks? " I questioned myself. Do I want to sit by this weirdo? I sighed and sat in the 'special' seat. 
I got my books and slipped back on my shoes. For the first day of school, it wasn't so bad. 

I've met friends an--"Hey y/n-chan!!! " the same boy yelled. It turned out the guys name was Takino.

"Taki, " I smiled. He smiled back, running up to me. "Do ...

XHeliosXZeroX XHeliosXZeroX Dec 29, 2017
All I can say is...VEEE~ PASTAAA!, CHIGI! Buono tomato, Buono Tomato-
Lemnzeyo Lemnzeyo Jan 08
wthokthen butitsnotlikeimignoringurofferlmaocoughirlyjustwannalearnjapanese:(
Uhhhmm...Uhh....Im Kaito Tachinaba! Oh yeah...I like to...Eat heeeehe
AristaniaHal AristaniaHal 5 days ago
You are smart and intelligence is all you need in surviving.
doritoguy doritoguy Jan 29
well, i was born in Argentina (south america) but i guess i have some family members from Italy
HermesBitch HermesBitch Dec 26, 2017
First thing my cousin taught me when he was showing me Korean was how to say crazy bastard XD