Opia (Rewrite)

Opia (Rewrite)

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Opia (n). the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

All it took was a masquerade ball for twenty-one-year-old Faye O'Neil to get thrown into the world of magic and vampires. The mysterious invitation brought her to meet the powerful billionaire with electric green eyes, Brennus Laporte. 

He is enticed by Faye as it seems she is the only one immune to his enthrallment; a power that can control anyone by the touch of his skin. He is the most feared being in the world yet she only feels the safest with him from emotions she cannot explain.

Faye will have to accept that her once boring college life has been changed forever. And Brennus will have to accept his inner demons while attempting to claim the throne to become king. 

There's a war between the original elite families of born-vampires and Faye's about to learn how she ties into it. 

[2nd Draft - ongoing] [1st Draft - completed but I intend to replace the 50 chapters]
Cover by: @solidarity_

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DankFabio DankFabio Feb 22
Dude I remember when this book only had like 90k reads . . . that wasn't even that long ago -- it's only been like a few shorts months wow times have changed so much recently.
jadavari jadavari Feb 13
Hi :) I would just like to say, I know it is hard to get over cruddy comments or hard to ignore them, but you are incredibly talented and NO MATTER WHAT continue to pursue your story- writing and graphic-making. These are awesome and I'm super excited to read your book.
I've only ever heard good things about this story and finally got around to reading it as you had unpublished the chapters. In excited to read your work and have no problem waiting until your chapters are satisfying to you 💓 Take your time, in sure it'll be worth it.
I've read this book before and I loved it. I'm gonna love it again to!
I loved your story the first time and I’m going to love it the second time.
E-Halcyon E-Halcyon Feb 10
What! Her loss as I will just have to start another book then, not gonna read this from the beginning again😓😓😢😢