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Opia (n). the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

"There was a light around you and it was attracting my darkness."
Twenty-year old Faye O'Neil receives an anonymous invite to a masquerade ball where she meets a mysterious man with piercing green eyes. He is the most powerful being in the world and he is enticed by Faye as it seems she is the only one immune to his enthrallment; a power that can control anyone by the touch of his skin. 
When Faye discovers that vampires and magic are real, she'll have to learn to accept that her once boring college life has been changed forever.
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chocolocco1 chocolocco1 Sep 10
What song is thisssss someone anyone*shouts anyone dramatically *
this looks like vampire diaries version with elena but photoshoped to have a different girls head on it XD
Hahaha, I can't believe we're thinking about the same thing!
oh no.... It sounds like every other vampire book out there :/ sorry if I sound rude. I'll give this a chance and hope it's different from the rest I guess
ally0717 ally0717 Sep 14
Holy crap. All these trailers are amazing. You have a true gift
shanadowa shanadowa 7 days ago
Thank you for the warning. I will be prepared for this train wreck with popcorn.