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Opia (n). the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

❝ Hell is empty and all the devils are here. ❞ - William Shakespeare

This book includes 3 drafts. More details inside.

★ Top 16 Best Vampire Story in The Fiction Awards 2018
★ Top 10 Best Paranormal Story in The Cryptic Awards 2018
★ #1 in vampire  
★ #2 in youngadult  
★ #1 in magick

Cover by: @solidarity_

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-naphisa -naphisa Jun 01
If I can survive the smut in the ACOTAR series.....I can survive anything lmao
Zyxelizoom Zyxelizoom Jun 01
I think you should do whatever you think feels right. You are the author, and if people dont like it than they can choose to read something else or just suck it up ❤️
-naphisa -naphisa Jun 01
I’m 14 and tbh I don’t mind it at all. And girl if you want to write a smut scene just go for it!
ygsaratu ygsaratu Jun 01
I vote yes and no i really like reading "romantic"novels and the smut part but as always it is your choice  and also am an old reader i like the book before without any graphic details.
supernovass supernovass Sep 20
you come first Sara, always ❤️ I loved Opia and I'm so grateful to you for spending so long on this book, and for creating characters I love and can't fall out of love with. Your writing is very, very good and I hope one day you'll see how true that is 💕 can't wait to read melancholy!!
I loved every single draft of this story! Your writing is amazing, Sara! It's okay that you won't be finishing it but what matters is that you've learned more about writing every single day as everyone else here and you should be proud of yourself for writing such an extraordinary book! Love you!!