My Deal With Mr Bad Boy

My Deal With Mr Bad Boy

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Noah Hunter. Just saying his name out loud makes all the girls swoon. His perfect hair, charming smile and his oh so sexy body make you just want to melt. He may look all bad on the outside but what most people don't know, is that he's just an ordinary guy trying to get through high school. 

Scarlett Rivers. The Quarter Back's (and team captain) twin sister. Three things she loves the most: her family, her friends and food. She calls them the three F's of her heart. She doesn't stand out, if anything, she tries her best to blend in. But that's not easy when your brother is in  of the most popular people in school and the schools 'Bad Boy' is suddenly hanging around you. 

Join Scarlett and her friends as they walk through high school, sticking together through thick and thin and laugh along as she battles it out with her self conscience 


I'm terrible at descriptions but please give the book a try :-)

Cover by: Toohottobetrue2

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I kinda like mondays but befor you tell me that I'm demented i start school on Sundays so i hateeeee Sunday but Monday is kind of a fun day (again don't kill me or anything else )
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Me too :) I have 3 alarm 5:20 which I always happen to snooze thinking I pressed the stop button then 6:00 and 6:20 and my bus comes at 7:04 trust me that's not enough time
Never had bacon again don't kill me i can't eat bacon and it's not in my country but soon i will eat some soon means like 4 years or more😅 and you probably don't give a damn abot my life so byeeeee
toohottobetrue2 toohottobetrue2 Dec 31, 2015
Also, because you are telling the story in present tense, wouldn't all the said, asked, replied, should be says, asks and so...?
toohottobetrue2 toohottobetrue2 Dec 31, 2015
Nah dude, adding that author note in the middle is not that professional. Try explaining with words, or just leave it to reader's imagination!!
100memories 100memories Nov 24, 2015
I actually like it go you and even if no one else votes or comments i will many people read wen they see many chapters